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Welcome to Light Indulgences, where together we can make great food that leans healthy. My name is Randi and I live in Seattle with my husband, Aaron. Cooking is something that only became a passion of mine in my early 20s; I didn’t grow up learning how to cook from  old family recipes. As I got older, I got sick of eating take out every night or making something out of a box. I began watching the Food Network and making recipes from Pinterest. While I still felt better about eating home cooked food rather than take out, I noticed that a lot of the recipes I was making were still not the healthiest. Now that I had some skills and experience (and oh so many kitchen fails), I felt comfortable switching around ingredients, or even creating my own recipes entirely with healthy ingredients. My goal of this blog is to help others gain a passion for cooking, continue to expand my own cooking repertoire and stay healthy all at the same time!

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