Category: Snacks

Red Thai Curry Hummus

Hummus is so easy to make at home and you can really get creative with the flavors. It’s really just a dump everything in and blend until smooth. It’s the perfect dish to have at your party, bring to someone’s house or just to have throughout the week as a snack.


Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Whenever I make caramelized onions, it takes me for-ev-er to get them to caramelize. It always ends up beingĀ at least an hour, but they’re just so good I’ll continue to wait for them. This recipe is perfect for that because it also takes forever to roast a sweet potato!


Chai Roasted Almonds

If you’ve ever been to a fair, you’ve definitely at least smelled the roasted nuts. The smell wafts over no matter how far away you are from them and it’s absolutely intoxicating. They give you a large serving and the already high calorie nuts are usually smothered in cinnamon sugar, so it is really easy to overindulge.


Roasted Smoked Butternut Squash Seeds

When you make any kind of squash, not just pumpkin, save the seeds! You get a nice crunchy, salty bonus snack out of it. The seeds actually are a great source of protein, magnesium and iron. Plus, it satisfies the salty, crunchy craving without eating chips. It might seem alarming how much fat there is for each serving, but it’s the healthy kind of fat.


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